What is Carrousel Express?

Carrousel Express is an online store offering more than 400 items, selected among the most popular items in sanitary and safety, food packaging and industrial packaging. Carrousel Express is operated by Les Emballages Carrousel Inc.

Who is Carrousel Express for?

This store is mainly intended for individuals as well as small and medium businesses who want to purchase a sanitary or packaging product quickly and immediately, without going through the Carrousel Packaging account opening process.

Why choose Carrousel Express?

  • Online Inventory
  • Prices displayed online
  • Secure payment by credit card

What is the difference with Emballages Carrousel website, carrousel.ca?

Go to carrousel.ca for a wider selection of items and equipment, for a large volume of purchases and to benefit from the expertise and personalized service offered by Carrousel Packaging's sales force.